Vocal Powerhouse Celine Dion and Her Transformed Smile

Celine Dion is well known as the chanteuse behind that distinctive Titanic theme song, with a voice that has sold millions of records around the globe and propelled her to stardom.

With an impressive trophy haul including Grammy, Juno and Felix awards, there’s no doubt that Celine has one of the most recognisable voices on the planet. But did you know the French Canadian songstress is also a walking advert for some great dental work?

In the earliest days of her career, the ‘my heart will go on’ singer was sporting a smile that looks remarkably different to the megawatt red carpet-worthy grin she flashes today.

With slightly longer than normal cuspid (canine) teeth and a noticeably duller colour than the pearly whites she has today, Celine has probably visited a cosmetic dentist to get the Hollywood treatment.

This probably included some professional teeth whitening, as her smile today is visibly brighter than the one she flaunted at the beginning of her illustrious career.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures carried out by cosmetic dentists today, as it is relatively simple and can achieve desirable results fast. During an in-office whitening session, your cosmetic dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and then use a special light to speed up the process.

Results differ for everyone depending on the condition of their teeth, but it is possible to get up to 12 shades lighter from a single visit.

In-office whitenings are common, but there is also a take home option for people who would rather not hang around at the dentist’s office. This take home kit provided by your dentist contains custom moulded trays and a whitening gel of your own so you can simply apply the gel to the tray and wear it over your teeth.

A take-home kit may take a bit longer to get the same results, but it can still be very effective. To find out whether whitening is for you, talk to your cosmetic dentist.

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