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Is your gummy smile taking attention away from your perfect teeth?
We can balance your gum line to perfection...


Do you avoid showing your teeth whilst smiling in photos? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh? Do you hate it when people ask you to smile? Gummy smiles are one of the most common reasons people are not happy with their smile. Having a perfect smile is correlated to higher self-esteem and confidence, so having a gummy smile can affect not just your physical appearance, but also your emotional and mental ability to show emotions confidently. The so-called gum-to-tooth ratio is very important to consider when working on perfecting your smile. Studies have shown that an excess of 3mm gum to lip ratio is considered unattractive. Smile by Design can transform your gummy smile to a perfect smile by cosmetically reshaping and contouring your gum tissue.  

What causes a "gummy smile"?

Exacerbated gingival display, or gingival excess is a diagnosis given to those with an excess of gum a few millimetres between the top of your teeth and the upper lip. The primary cause of an overly gummy smile is genetics, but other factors that can make gums appear bigger when smiling include but are not limited to:
  • misaligned teeth
  • short lips
  • periodontitis (gum disease)
  • protruded teeth (buck teeth)
The reason behind the gummy smile is important to know, because it will determine which treatment method will work best for you.

Gummy Smile Treatment

Smile by Design specialise in many treatments, including gummy smile surgery – though not all cases require surgery. Here’s some of the ways gummy smile can be fixed:
  1. Lip Lowering – This is the repositioning of the upper lip so that it is lower and reduces the lip to gum ratio.
  2. BOTOX – This will relax the lip so that it doesn’t have a high pulling effect, letting the upper lip rest further over the gum tissue. Studies have shown gummy smile treatment with botulinum is an efficient method, with minimum risk of complications and very high patient satisfaction.
  3. Gum Contouring/Gum Leveling – Surgical removal of the gum tissue around the teeth so as to expose more tooth and reducing the gum to lip ratio.
  4. Crown Lengthening – Gum tissue is removed, the bone is modified, and the gum line is re-contoured to establish a longer crown appearance.
The most popular procedure Smile By Design do is gum contouring. Known as "gingival recontouring" and "gum lift", gum contouring is a relatively simple procedure that can have a great impact on your look and confidence. Gum contouring can lengthen the look of your teeth, reduce the size of the gum that shows when you smile, and create a straighter, more symmetrical gum line. The downtime for gum contouring is relatively quick, with reduced swelling and sensitivity within 10 days post treatment.   For more information, read through our Gummy Smiles article or contact our cosmetic dentist expert to get a quote.
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