Dental Treatment Planning: What To Expect At Your First Consultation.

When you decide to build a new house, you sit with your architect, builder or interior designer to let them know what kind of home you want. What features are important to you? Are there colours, textures or materials you do or don’t want to use? Do you have a set budget?
A cosmetic dental consultation – or smile makeover – issimilar. Youwant to change something about your smile and during aconsultation at Smile by Design, we help you plan those changes.

Understand Your Choices

What we often do for our patients is first ask them about specific teeth that they would like to improve. Are there areas of discoloration, or misshaped teeth you would like to change? From here, Dr Tam can discuss a variety of cosmetic options and what benefits they would have for the area under consideration. Some examples of cosmetic dental treatment we use include dental implants, dental veneers, white fillings, Invisalign, whitening and dental crowns. For most patients, a combination of two or more treatments is common. No one treatment is right for everyone.
At your dental examination, we take necessary x-rays and possibly an impression of your teeth. Intraoral photographs can also help us discuss specifics about the dynamics of your smile. For some people, Invisalign may be a perfect treatment – justto make their teeth straighter. For others, whitening or dental veneers can dramatically change the way their entire mouth looks. If you have missing or broken teeth, dental implants or porcelain dental crowns can restore function as well as aesthetics.

Take Home Your Treatment Plan

Once you and Dr Tam settle on one or two options, we compile a treatment plan. This takes into consideration any dental coverage benefits you may have. Your printed plan outlines the treatment options, schedule, as well as your expected out-of-pocket investment. Smile by Design makes a commitment to our patients that there will never be surprise or unexpected fees incurred regarding their treatment. All the information is explained to our patients so they can make an informed choice about their restorative or cosmetic dental care.
One thing we will take into consideration during your first consultation is the restorative needs of your teeth. For instance, small cavities can be corrected with white fillings or cosmetic bonding. Larger cavities or tooth damage may be able to have a porcelain inlay, onlay, or dental crown. Discolouration or tooth placement can be addressed through different options such as instant treatment with dental veneers, or with whitening combined with invisible Invisalign braces.

Short And Long Term Options

We want our patients to feel comfortable and confident about their choices. Dr Tam encourages each patient to be a co-planner during the consultation phase. This allows you to work directly alongside us when it comes to deciding the appropriate method of treatment for your oral health. Some cosmetic remedies can be completed in just over an hour, while others such as Invisalign braces can take 12 months or so. Consultations give you the time to ask Dr Tam questions as well as to be clear about exactly what will be needed to make the changes to your smile that you most desire.

Take The First Step To A New Smile

You’ll leave your consultation without feeling pressured. Our goal is simply to present several cosmetic dental options that provide the results you’re seeking. Different treatments will be available based on what aspects of your smile you want to change and what your budget may be. We invite you to schedule your consultation at Smile by Design today and take the first step on your step-by-step journey to a beautiful smile.

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