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A beautiful smile creates a significant first impression. In fact, research conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows that 48% of people consider a person’s smile to be their most memorable trait – the first impression.

Are you worried about your teeth not looking as white and beautiful as they once were? If so, a dental veneer is one of the most effective treatments available to restore chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth.

However, before investing in a veneer treatment, it’s essential to understand the whole procedure. If you are wondering, “Should I get veneers?” It is crucial to understand the whole procedure before investing in such a dental cosmetic procedure. Read on to discover all you need about veneers!

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are attached to the front surface of your teeth using a strong bond for a natural look. They are typically made of porcelain or composite resin materials to enhance their appearance.

You may opt for a dental veneer process to treat and address various cosmetic issues such as discolored or chipped teeth. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need one or several veneers to achieve your desired outcome.

Now that you know what veneers are, you must be searching for the best quality dental veneers in North Sydney or Bondi. In that case, it would help if you visited Smile by Design, as we are one of the leading dental practices in the area.

What is the Dental Veneer process?

Getting dental veneers is a multi-step process that takes two to three visits and a few weeks to complete.

The dental veneer process starts with a preliminary examination and consultation. Our dentist, Dr.Tam, will assess your oral condition and decide if you can undergo the treatment. Next, if you need to undergo other additional dental treatment procedures like fillings or dental implants, you must first choose to undergo these procedures on a priority basis.

Next, our dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel (less than the width of your fingernail) from the front of your teeth to prepare the dental veneer. Then, we will take an imprint of your tooth/teeth and make a set of temporary veneers that will be placed on your teeth until the final ones come. This trial period enables you to determine whether you want to alter the color or contour of your new teeth.

After 1 to 2 weeks, when the final dental veneer is ready to be installed, you must return to the dentist. The temporary veneers are removed. Our dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to ensure that there are no bacteria left behind that might cause tooth decay. After cleaning your teeth, a grinding tool creates a rough texture over your teeth where the veneers are to be fixed.

We use a specific type of dental cement to stick the dental veneer to your teeth. Once they are stuck, ultraviolet light is applied over them to harden the cement rapidly. The permanent veneers are then meticulously placed, and your beautiful smile is complete!

Who is suitable for Dental Veneers?

The right candidate for a dental veneer depends on the condition of your teeth. Dental Veneers can be an effective treatment and cosmetic option for your teeth if you have worn down, broken, misaligned, chipped, or uneven teeth.

Now, if you are curious to get an answer to the most frequently asked question, “can you get veneers with crooked teeth?” The answer is Yes. But you must also remember that veneers can not yield a result that orthodontic treatment can achieve. It can effectively hide minor orthodontic issues, but it cannot change the position of your teeth.

Even though dental veneers may be something you want, they may not be the best option for you!

Your teeth should ideally be healthy and free of decay to become an eligible candidate for undergoing dental veneer. You should not have gum disease, and teeth grinding must not be the thing for you if you wish to undergo this treatment.

You must ensure that your tooth enamel is healthy because dental veneer adheres directly to the tooth enamel.

Types of Veneers

Veneers are created from two different materials, and your dentist can help you select which veneer material is ideal for you.

  1. Porcelain Veneers– The most widely used material for dental veneer is porcelain. The material is exceptionally resilient, resists discoloration, and more closely resembles the appearance and feel of natural teeth.
  2. Composite Veneers– The composite resin material can be sculpted directly on the original tooth, and any experienced dentist can finish a dental veneer process in a single day. Although it is a more affordable alternative, the composite veneer is less flexible or durable than porcelain ones.

Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers- Which one is right for me?

Porcelain vs. composite veneers- picking the best one is incredibly challenging. Depending on the complexity of your oral condition and the outcome, only an experienced dentist can decide which dental veneer is best for you.

The easiest way to differentiate the type of veneers is based on specific parameters like durability, strength, appearance, price, and the time it takes to complete each procedure. So, here’s a brief difference between both types of dental veneer.

  • Strength – If you want your dental veneer to last, porcelain offers exceptional durability. These veneers may endure between 10 and 20 years if maintained properly. In contrast, a composite resin veneer wears down quickly within five to seven years.
  • Appearance – Porcelain, with its sheer quality, most nearly resembles the appearance of natural teeth. Additionally, it is resistant to stains and chipping. In contrast, composite dental veneer is more porous and sensitive to stains. Additionally, it requires polishing to match the appearance of your natural teeth
  • Versatility – Porcelain veneers are a viable treatment option for almost all aesthetic issues, even the most severe discoloration and spacing problems for which composite resin may not be effective. Composite veneers may not be the best treatment option if you have serious issues, such as teeth gaps or excessive discoloration.
  •  Reversibility – Composite veneers require minimal tooth preparation to remove, replace, and repair a dental veneer. On the other hand, to remove a porcelain veneer, the dentist must remove a portion of your tooth’s enamel, making it an irreversible dental veneer process.
  • Same-day treatment – Because composite veneers do not need to be transferred to an external lab, you may often walk out with a new smile in a single session. Typically, porcelain veneers are fabricated by an outside facility, requiring many consultations and a lengthier duration of treatment.
  • Price – To no surprise. Composite resins are much more affordable in comparison to porcelain ones. But investing in a porcelain dental veneer is worth it, owing to the result it delivers.

However, before investing in any dental veneer, you must be very careful about your chosen clinic. You may consult our Dr. Tam from Smile by Design clinic if you are looking for the best recommendations for dental veneers in Sydney & NSW.

Porcelain VeneersComposite Veneers
Higher up-front costMore affordable than porcelain
Requires multiple visits to the clinicCan be done completed on a single visit
Lasts for 10-15 yearsLasts for 4-8 years
Won’t stain easilyCan stain slightly more than porcelain

Dental Veneers costs

Are you looking for dental veneer costs in Sydney? Then here’s what you might be looking for!

The cost is the first and foremost factor you must evaluate before undergoing any treatment. If you choose to undergo a cosmetic procedure like a dental veneer, most dental insurance plans will only pay for a percentage of the price. So you must first discuss the payment options with your dentist if you are worried about your finances.

As with other dental procedures, dental veneer costs vary from person to person. If you are at Smile by Design, we’ll discuss the charges with you during your initial consultation after evaluating your oral condition. In exceptional cases, we may offer flexible payment plans to spread the expense over several instalments.

Nevertheless, several factors might determine the exact cost of the procedure, like the type of veneer chosen, several teeth to be treated, charges for any additional dental treatment, and a lot more. So, only an experienced dentist can give you an estimate based on your oral condition.

If you want dental veneers in Sydney, feel free to schedule an initial consultation with us at our Smile by Design dental practice at Miller Street, North Sydney.

Why Smile By Design?

Smile By Design is a professional dental company that offers the highest quality dental veneer depending on the case’s complexity and the patient’s requirements. With years of expertise in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Tam and his staff have conducted numerous successful cosmetic veneer procedures for Australian and international patients, so you can be sure that your teeth are in good hands.

We never compromise with your oral care, so we utilize state-of-the-art-equipments in our labs to ensure that you undergo the best procedure. Furthermore, you need not worry about the dental hygiene of our clinic because we strive to maintain international hygiene standards by sterilizing all dental types of equipment periodically.

Case Study

Here’s a dental veneer before and after stories for you. You may be amazed by how much a dental veneer can transform chipped, broken, deformed, or discolored teeth into a tooth with a uniform shape and natural color.

Browse this dental veneer before-and-after images to understand what to expect.

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