4 Tips For Good Oral Health After Having Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping a beautiful, healthy smile doesn’t come withouteffort. There are things you’ll need to do after your investment in cosmetic dental care to keep your smile in top shape. There’s little difference between managing good oral health, whether or not you’ve had cosmetic dentistry. 

1. Floss Regularly.

Dental fillings don’t prevent new tooth decay from forming. It takes good daily oral hygiene along your teeth and existing dental fillings to prevent new areas of enamel damage. One of the most frequent places new cavities develop is between the teeth. A common misconception is that once a filling is placed in a tooth, you no longer have to worry about flossing that area. But the opposite is true. Help your dental fillings last longer than you would even expect by cleaning between your teeth at least once a day.

2. Brush Along Margins Of Dental Veneers or Crowns Prevents Gum Inflammation.

Just as with original teeth, a common area for developing gingivitis (gum inflation) and gum disease is along the gumlines at tooth restorations like dental crowns and veneers. Plaque biofilm has a tendency to congregate along the edges of these restorations, causing irritation to gum tissue, which can take around two weeks to heal. To prevent this from happening, we recommend angling your toothbrush toward the gumlines and making short strokes along one or two teeth, as part of daily brushing. Electric toothbrushes can make this maintenance even easier.

3. Routine Cleaning Keeps Bone Levels High, Preserving Teeth and Treatments Like Dental Implants.

Gum disease can cause natural teeth as well as dental implants to fall out. Thankfully, prevention is easy through routine cleanings and gum disease treatment. Professional dental cleanings from Smile By Design will comfortably remove any calcified build-up that can contributes to gum disease and bone-loss. Once bone levels are lost, tooth loss is always a concern. We recommend most patients see us at least twice a year for preventive cleanings and exams. If you happen to need gum disease treatment, we may see you as frequently as every three months until the condition is managed.
People who have invested in teeth whitening also find that routine cleanings help extend itsresults. Polishing will remove new superficial stain deposits and make home touch-ups to teeth whitening more effective.

4. Annual Dental X-rays Identify Problems Before They Become Complex.

You’ve invested a lot in your smile; you want it to last. Routine examinations and annual dental x-rays help pinpoint areas of concern while still in the early stages. It’s also possible to prescribe or apply a prescription strength fluoride to halt tooth demineralisation. Avoid having more dental fillings or treatment by having Dr Tam take new x-rays at least once a year. Symptoms often begin developing deep between the teeth where it can’t be seen during a clinical exam but it can be seen on an x-ray. When caught early, dental treatments can be easy and inexpensive to correct. Smile by Design uses cosmetic materials including tooth coloured fillings so all of your restorative treatments will blend in with your smile.

Invest In Your Smile For Life

It doesn’t take much to keep your smile healthy, but it does take some action on your part. Smile by Design patients know that we implement the most advanced preventive oral health techniques available.
We want your smile to last a lifetime. After having your cosmetic dentistry procedures completed, we will work with you on establishing a simple care plan that helps keep your mouth healthy and disease-free. Through dedicated preventive care and minimally invasive treatments, we know you’ll be beyond thrilled with how well your smile can last when you take care of it the right way. Call Dr. Tam and his team on 1800 888 645.

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