When to Consider Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction can be performed for many reasons. Most adults aren’t thrilled about the idea of getting a tooth pulled out, but sometimes it can be the only option for treating severe toothache or infections.
For emergency extractions, you can rely on the expertise of a cosmetic dentist to give you the care and treatment you need.
A tooth extraction isn’t the right answer for every dental problem, but here are a few situations where it pays to consider it.
When your teeth are crowded
Sometimes, a tooth extraction may be necessary in order to create more space for the rest of the existing teeth in the mouth.
When a patient is getting ready to receive invisible braces or traditional dental braces, for example, a cosmetic dentist may pull out one or several teeth in order to ensure the teeth have enough room to shift into the desired alignment.
Your dentist may also decide to extract a tooth if it has not erupted properly out of the gum, as this can cause severe problems later on.
When tooth decay worsens
Cleaning your teeth regularly is important for maintaining oral health. Without the proper care and attention, bacteria can build up on the teeth and gums and cause dental plaque.
This can worsen into significant tooth decay if left untreated, causing painful symptoms such as toothache. If the decay has spread to the dental pulp within the tooth and caused it to become infected, antibiotics and root canal therapy can be used to correct the damage.
However, sometimes these treatments aren’t sufficient and a tooth extraction is needed to prevent the infection from spreading to the surrounding healthy teeth.
Dental abscesses
A dental abscess is typically caused by infection and can lead to pus collecting in or around the tooth. It can lead to swollen gums, severe toothache, a high temperature and even swelling in the face.
When this happens, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Sometimes this will involve simply draining the pus, but other times an extraction of the tooth may be necessary.

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