Top Three Reasons to Give Your Smile a Makeover

If you’ve ever wondered what you could do to change your smile for the better, it might surprise you to know that there are many reasons why a makeover could be a great decision.

Transforming a smile doesn’t have to be just for cosmetic reasons – in fact, there are many ways a healthy and flawless smile can benefit you.

Improve your oral health

Many services carried out by a cosmetic dentist can have a positive impact on oral health as well as the appearance of your smile, so you can flash a new and improved grin while also supporting the health of your teeth and gums.

Crooked, overcrowded or missing teeth can all have serious effects on your oral health. They can increase the risk of dental decay as an irregular alignment makes it much more difficult to clean all the spaces and surfaces of your teeth thoroughly.

Additionally, crooked teeth can create more spaces for food particles and bacteria to build up, contributing to the potential of dental decay and more extensive damage.

If you’re missing teeth, this could potentially put you at the risk of suffering further bone deterioration and loss, not to mention the extra stress that is placed on the teeth surrounding the gap.

Resolving these issues with Invisalign or dental implants not only restores the look of your smile, but your oral health as well.

Flash an improved smile

Even if it’s just a simple procedure such as whitening, improving the look of your teeth can be a great way to prepare for any upcoming special occasions where you want to look your best.

A wedding anniversary, birthday party, school reunion or other big occasion are sure to come along with plenty of photos, and if you have a newly transformed smile you can look forward to cherishing those snapshots even more.

Reduce stress

Did you know that smiling could also help reduce stress? A study undertaken by Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman from the University of Kansas’ Department of Psychology found smiling participants had lower heart rates during stress recovery than those who weren’t smiling.

So, if you’d like to ‘grin and bear it’, now might be the perfect opportunity to see your cosmetic dentist.

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