One-Stop Dentistry: From Good Health And Wellbeing – To A Whole New You

Searching for the right dentist can be overwhelming. After all, everyone needs a healthy mouth that will last a lifetime, but it’s important to have a dentist who can make your smile look great at the same time.
A majority of dentists focus care toward general dentistry and restorative needs. Typically they will not have the skills or expertise to handcraft a brand new smile, or to develop and plan cosmetic dental treatments you might desire. Choosing the right dentist means receiving general dental treatments that are aesthetic, and cosmetic treatments that are functional. At Smile by Design, we specialise in cosmetic dentistry built on a foundation of comprehensive restorative care.

Merging Cosmetic Appeal With Function

Dentists who specialise in cosmetic dentistry have an intense understanding of both aspects of oral care – thefunctional as well as the cosmetic side. Their foundation is built on general dentistry, but cosmetic dentists like Dr Tam have the ability to create ‘works of art’ that change lives by renewing confidence in people’s appearance. Dental crowns, implants or fillings last through everyday wear and tear by applying durable and realistic cosmetic materials to replicate your natural teeth.

Skilled Cosmetic Dental Techniques

In addition to extensivedental training, cosmetic dentists require advanced skills to be able to complete comprehensive treatments like full mouth rehabilitation and smile makeovers. Treatments like orthodontic care with invisible braces are just an example of a type of procedure that requires additional skills. Many general dentists advertise ‘dental implants’ when they only provide the final stages of the treatment. Smile by Design is able to complete dental implant therapy from initial consultation, through to insertion and to the final phases of restoration of the prosthesis. We can implement cosmetic dental solutions as a part of generaloral health care, to create your perfect smile.

Treatment Smile By Smile, Not Tooth By Tooth

A holistic approach to cosmetic dentistry is one that beautifies the smile and aims to make it healthier, too. Functional, strong teeth – andsmiles – willlast longer than those that are simply patched together in an attempt to look better. Using a a step-by-step treatment plan provides a direct way to re-shape the entire mouth with a holistic approach, rather than working on one tooth at a time.

Customised Care Plans

Since Smile by Design provides comprehensive dental and cosmetic care every day, we have what it takes to offer the expertise and reliability our patients expect. During your private consultation with Dr Tam, we’ll discuss your concerns, general oral health needs and smile goals. In most cases we can offer a variety of choices for restoring your smile as well as improving how it looks. It can be as simple as adjusting tooth alignment with Invisalign invisible braces and replacing old fillings with tooth coloured material or providing long-term care plans using pain-free dental techniques.

Comfortable Care

Not only will your smile look great, you’ll be comfortable throughout the entire process. Pain-free dentistry allows Smile by Design patients to have comprehensive dental care plans designed and carried out in as few visits as possible. In many cases, multiple treatments can be completed in just one appointment. General dentists typically do not offer pain-free dentistry options as extensive as ours.

Choose Your New Smile – By Design

Before beginning dental care you’ll need a treatment plan outlining the necessary steps to get your desired result. Smile By Design offerspatients detailedcare plans that eliminate confusion, clearly outline all costs and put you on the path to a healthy, beautiful smile. If you have specific dental needs to prioritise, we’ll help with that too. From basic, affordable cosmetic restorative care to complex smile makeovers, you’ll always be well-informed and able to choose the best way to design a confident smile when you come to Smile by Design. Call Dr. Tam and his friendly team on 1800 888 645.

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