How Can Regular Check Ups Help My Smile?

Most people know that brushing regularly is an important part of good oral care, but did you know that you should be having regular dental check ups as well? 

Regular check ups are vital for ensuring your smile remains clean, healthy and bright. Even though you might think your teeth and gums are fine, it still pays to get the professionals to assess your mouth on a routine basis.

Your cosmetic dentist can carry out these check ups so you can rest assured your oral health is in the best condition.

Why are regular check ups important?

Keeping your smile at its best means giving it constant care. Thorough brushing and flossing is the first step, but you should be adding onto this with visits to your dental practitioner as well. By scheduling frequent dental appointments, you can ensure that your teeth are given the best of care.

Regular check ups play a huge role in preventive dental care, because any problems or issues with your teeth and gums can be picked up early before they start to cause more serious damage. Many dental issues can start off small, beginning with a minor level of bacteria build up, for example. However, if these are left untreated they can deteriorate quickly with severe effects, such as tooth and bone loss.

Most people are recommended to have check ups every six months, but this may need to be adjusted if you are at a greater risk of dental problems.

What is involved in a routine dental check up?

A dental check up assesses the health of each tooth and the surrounding oral tissues. Along with the clinical examination, a check up may also involve preventive cleaning or other procedures as needed and screenings for conditions such as oral cancer.

Regular check ups play a vital role in your oral health, so it’s important not to forget about them. 

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