The Dangers of Getting Dental Repairs Done Overseas

The appeal to have cosmetic dental work done abroad can seem tempting, especially since the cost of treatment can be extremely low. But is it really worth the risks? Here are some risks to consider about this new fad in dental care.

The cost of treatment is low for a reason

Remember the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’? When it comes to investing in lifelong dental care, cutting corners to reduce the cost of treatment will leave you lacking the quality and integrity of care required for professional-looking, long-lasting cosmetic dentistry. Sub-par techniques, outdated technology and poorly-skilled dental support staff all contribute to making the cost of overseas dental care cheaper.

Unlicensed providers and those with revoked licences

It’s common knowledge among dental professionals that many overseas providers are able to practise dentistry without the right level of qualification to guarantee a risk-free result. Some practicing ‘dentists’ may not even be dentists at all; or they may be dentists whose licenses have been revoked elsewhere for malpractice, causing them to relocate and continue practicing illegally. For example, in the US, many dentists who have had their licences revoked move to the Mexican border, continuing to provide dental treatments at cheaper rates.  No matter your dentist’s location, more than likely you will be interested in their background when they’re performing irreversible, invasive treatments on your smile. In some countries, a dental therapist, rather than a fully qualified dentist may perform cosmetic procedures without the specialisation required to provide a lasting job – potentially costing you many thousands of dollars in rectification work.

Non-regulated infection control and sterilisation techniques

In Australia, specific sterilisation protocols are required and even regularly monitored by the dental industry. Waste procedures are highly regulated, requiring certain equipment used for treatments to be discarded between patients. When dental care is performed in a country where the cost is ‘cheap’ and the industry is unregulated, there is a serious risk of cross-contamination because the cost-savings are partly the result of improper sterilisation protocols and equipment-sharing between patients.

The long-term cost of dental repairs

Restorations and other invasive dental procedures performed overseas are at real risk of being done using less-than-adequate techniques and materials, causing cosmetic work to give out prematurely, or to fail completely. Short-term results are not a concern of out-of-country dentists, because they know as long as the patient’s teeth look good before they leave, they won’t have to bother seeing them again. A patient is unlikely to return to that country for repairs. Guarantees for the work done are simply unavailable at such low rates. Instead, dissatisfied patients will usually be forced to go to a reputable dentist to have the treatment re-done entirely. It may be weeks, months, or even years later, but there’s a severe risk of compromised care due to the fact that no follow-up care is available when you use an overseas dentist for cosmetic work.

Having cosmetic dentistry treatment in Sydney assures you of exceptional care

Dentists in Australia are held to a high professional standard of care by strict industry governance to ensure every patient is provided with the best skills, follow-up care, latest technology and ethical advice. Australian dentists are required to receive continuing formal education every year, keeping them informed about modern cosmetic dentistry techniques, assuring peer accountability and ensuring non-invasive treatment is performed as a priority in all patient care.
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