Hot trend: Smile correction and perfection

More and more people are looking to achieve those perfect pearly whites through cosmetic dentistry services such as Invisalign, according to new research from Canadian digital marketing firm OutRank by Rogers.

Using data gathered from thousands of clients and dentists across the country, OutRank revealed that 34 per cent of the company’s dentistry partners were optimising advertising for search words such as Invisalign, invisible braces, aligners and smile correction.

OutRank Director of Marketing  Carrie Shaw stated that it was one of the company’s customer service associates who first realised the increasing amount of dentists offering corrective treatments and cosmetic dentistry services.

Further investigation of the data showed the search terms associated with this field of dentistry were receiving more customer traffic than before, indicating the rising popularity of these kinds of procedures.

The findings from OutRank have been further reinforced by those working in the industry, with Canadian dentist Dr Sundeep Patel noting that cosmetic dentistry has become more popular over the past few years.

When he first started his practice, Dr Patel saw about 1 in 10 adult patients coming in for a cosmetic dentistry service.

“Now we live in a cosmetic age where aesthetic treatments make up about 6 in 10 new patient requests. A fair portion of these includes some form of orthodontic treatment,” Dr Patel said.

For those looking to significantly improve the appearance of their smile, Invisalign treatments can be a great option.

Instead of the metal wires and brackets used for traditional dental braces, Invisalign involves clear retainers that are custom-made for your teeth and are completely removable, allowing for greater comfort.

When worn, these retainers are much less noticeable than conventional braces, yet are still capable of producing visibly improved results over time.

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