Fixing Broken Teeth: All You Need to Know About Veneers, Crowns & Implants

The field of medicine has made incredible progress over the last century. Nearly everyone now has access to a wealth of information and resources regarding their health, like no generation before us. But while we know just how important prevention is when it comes to oral health and exactly what we should be doing, a large number of people still can’t be bothered to maintain proper dental hygiene, and tend to be reluctant to schedule regular appointments with a dentist; instead waiting until an issue is impossible to ignore, which can lead to even more severe problems.

In other instances, physical injury or underlying medical conditions can cause dental issues and broken or missing teeth. Once injury, neglect or disease has wreaked havoc and reached the point where there is very little actual healthy tooth left, the only solution is to get reconstructive work done.

We have created an infographic below to give you a clear overview of the three dental treatments.
Dental Veneers, Crowns and Implants Infographic


It’s always best to focus on good oral hygiene, and to make regular visits to the dentist in order to catch any problems in the early stages, when they are easier and far less expensive to treat. However, as the numbers show, many people wait until the problem can’t be helped without more serious intervention. Dental veneers, crowns and implants provide an effective solution to the problem of broken, decayed, missing or discoloured teeth, and they are a smart long-term investment in your health, well-being and confidence.

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