When Is A Crown The Best Solution To A Dental Problem?

The goal of every dental practice is to encourage healthy smiles and minimise invasive therapies performed when the earliest signs of tooth decay are found. Unfortunately, there are often times where teeth can become badly damaged, such as from an injury, the spread of tooth decay, or development of an abscess.
In these situations, it’s important to save the tooth with proactive treatment measures that free the tooth of complications and allow it to continue functioning for several more years. Full coverage dental crowns are an example of solving these problems.
Crowns cover the entire portion of the tooth beyond the gumlines, fitting tightly around it like a glove. The crown preserves the remaining tooth enamel underneath and allows the tooth to function as if it were perfectly in one piece.
We often recommend crowns for patients that have experienced:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Significant areas of decay
  • Large fractures in the tooth
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Replacement of large fillings
  • Cracked teeth


Preserve Your Smile For Years To Come

Placing a crown over the tooth will allow our patients to go on with a healthy, functional smile. Leaving the tooth untreated will only accommodate further progression of their dental problem until the tooth is past the point of effective treatment. Tooth enamel can become very brittle if it is weak, demineralised, or has developed decay and infection. Covering the weak enamel with a crown will allow you to bite and chew normally without worrying about the tooth continuing to erode.

Functional, Yet Aesthetic

At Smile by Design, we provide both porcelain dental crowns and composite crowns. Your choice of material will depend on where in your mouth the tooth is located and your goal for the final results.
The advance of dental materials and technology has provided our patients with a choice of functional dental treatments that also offer aesthetic results and look natural. Some materials better suit the back teeth for chewing purposes, while others look more natural on the front teeth. Both porcelain and composite crowns are colour-matched to blend with your natural teeth once bonded into place.
Patients that choose tooth-coloured crowns made out of the latest materials enjoy longer-lasting restorations than the porcelain fused to metal crowns that were the traditional treatment of the last several decades.

Crowns Prevent Bigger Problems From Happening

Imagine a crack in your windshield. What would happen if you left it alone? Would it go away? Of course it wouldn’t. The crack would eventually get worse, and you might even have moisture from rain come into your car, damaging the interior surface.
Now let’s pretend that your tooth has a fracture, cavity, or crack in it … if you continue to chew on it each day, can it withstand normal everyday use? No. The sooner you have the tooth repaired, the better chance you have at preventing more complications. Some examples of situations that can happen if a tooth goes untreated would be an abscess or full loss of the tooth.

Predictable Care That Puts Your Needs First

At Smile by Design, we invite patients to ask us about their treatment options. We believe every person has the right to choose the methods that are best for their smile, concerns, lifestyle and budget. If you’ve been told that you need to have a dental crown completed, we’ll help you get that taken care of right away. In most cases, your treatment will be completed over just two appointments, two weeks apart.
Don’t wait any longer. Schedule your crown prep and colour-match visit today,  for stronger teeth that will last you for years to come.

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