4 Tips for Improving Your Brushing Technique

Looking after your teeth is all about giving those pearly whites the right kind of care. In today’s busy world, it may seem like you don’t have that extra minute or so to make sure your teeth are really clean, but this is one of the most important steps towards a healthy smile.
A cosmetic dentist can carry out other treatments designed to transform the look of your grin, but you can help the process along by making sure you’ve got your brushing technique down pat. That way, if you decide to seek a professional teeth whitening treatment or Invisalign, your teeth will already be in the best possible condition.
It might surprise you to learn that many adults aren’t taking enough care with their brushing routine. If you feel yours isn’t quite up to scratch, here are a few tips that could help you improve it.
1. Don’t skimp on time
Spare a few extra minutes every morning and night to really look after your teeth. A thorough brushing routine should take at least two minutes so you can get into every nook and cranny where bacteria may have built up during the day or night – if you don’t dislodge them, they can lead to problems with dental decay further down the line.
2. Get the right angle 
You might find it helps to tilt your brush at a 45 degree angle against the line of your gum, so you can ensure your brush will lift away any of the more determined residues or bacteria.
3. Pay attention to all surfaces
Your teeth are important, but oral health is about caring for other areas as well. After you’ve given your teeth a good scrubbing, go back and gently brush over your tongue to remove any bacteria that may have lodged there. Don’t forget to reach the inner surface of your teeth and gums as well.
4. Don’t go overboard
Brushing too hard or too often can be just as bad, as you run the risk of irritating the soft gum tissue. At least two times a day is a good guideline to follow, with three being the maximum limit.

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