When Should I Choose to Have Dental Implants?

While most people consider dental implants and the replacement of lost teeth as something that only elderly people face, the issue of tooth restoration is actually something that can affect people of varying ages.
What are dental implants?
Dental implants provide a long lasting solution to the problem of missing teeth. They are made from hospital-grade titanium and shaped like a small metal post, which is inserted surgically into the jawbone to act as a substitute tooth root.
Implants have many benefits compared to other tooth replacement options such as removable dentures. Firstly, they are permanent and can provide long lasting support for replacement devices such as a crown or bridge.
As a single anchor, they also allow for the replacement tooth to stand alone – without requiring any further supporting work on the surrounding teeth. Once the bone formation around your new implant has developed, the new replacement crown or bridge can be added on top for a realistic appearance that also promotes healthy function.
Typically, a cosmetic dentist or periodontist will carry out the procedure after a consultation with the patient to determine whether the treatment is suitable for them.
A thorough examination is necessary as implants aren’t feasible for everyone, so it’s important to see your dentist first if you are considering the procedure.
When should I choose to get them?
Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons, not just due to age. Sometimes an accident, trauma, or issues with dental decay and infection can lead to missing one or more teeth in your smile.
If you have lost one or multiple teeth and it’s affecting the appearance of your grin or your ability to chew and bite comfortably, it could be the perfect opportunity to consider dental implants.
The sooner you get the treatment, the better, as a prolonged absence of the tooth root can lead to an eventual deterioration of the bone underneath and damage to surrounding healthy teeth.
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