So, You Think Cosmetic Dentistry Is Just For Celebrities?

Cosmetic dentistry used to be something only the richest or most famous people invested in. It’s true that to keep a high public profile, it helps to have a great looking smile. Not a single detail is left out in celebrity cosmetic dentistry …every tooth is made straight, white, and beautiful. The good news is, these movie star smiles have made their way into the lives of everyday people.
Smile ‘makeovers’ are popular among people with a high-profile position or a job where they know they’ll perform better by making a strong first impression. If you do regular public speaking, attend important social events or meetings with people of influence, you might prefer to have the confidence that comes from looking your absolute best with a well-designed smile.
A perfect smile is more likely to give you confidence than any other feature of your natural appearance. Weight loss, cosmetic surgery, or a great wardrobe might be a distraction, but your smile shows what kind of person you really are.
Smile by Design bringsa celebrity dentistry approach to its cosmetic dental practice. If you see a smile you want on TV or in a magazine, we can help you achieve it. With a variety of treatment options to choose from, Dr Tam is able to customise cosmetic care plans to transform any dental patient into a person with a perfect movie star smile. Treatments begin with non-invasive therapies and can expand into those involving higher and more complex levels of treatment.
Some of the cosmetic optionsyou can choose from include:

Dental Implants

Implants are perfect for people with teeth missing. Whether you need one or all teeth replaced, dental implants are the idealpermanent tooth replacement treatment. Strong and stable, implants can even outlast your natural teeth. People who already have removable prosthetics like bridges and dentures are perfect candidates for dental implants, too.

Dental Veneers

Composite and porcelain veneers instantly transform everything about your smile. Both types are placed directly over the front of your teeth, changing their overall appearance and colour. Each method can be used to correct teeth that look crowded, gapped, short, chipped or stained. The lasting results are a permanent straight smile you’ll want to share around other people.

Invisalign Braces

Maybe you like everything about your smile except the location of your teeth? Crowded teeth, gaps, overbites or misaligned arches can be corrected easily. Invisalignbraces are the invisible option for will straightening your smile in a way that’s more comfortable than any alternative. They use plastic alignment trays to guide your teeth into the proper location over time. It’s a treatment that requires fewer appointments for adjustments than traditional braces, making themthe perfect way to achive straight teeth if you have a busy lifestyle.

Teeth Whitening

Time, wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes are just someeveryday indulgences that stain teeth. A dark, stained smile can make youlook older than you actually are. Our teeth whitening options can safely and effectively lighten your teeth by several shades. Even deep, dark stainscan usually be removed, making a dramatic impact on your appearance. Everyone will know something is different about you, but they probably won’t know what it is.

You Can Have A Celebrity Smile Too

Thanks to new technology, anyone can have a perfect celebrity smile. Investing in your new smile gives the confidence to improve your social life, your professional network or just help you make that lasting impression.After your smile consultation with Dr Tam, we’ll set you up with a comprehensive treatment plan showing clear-cut treatment fees and an outline of required appointments. If you’ve always wanted a celebrity smile, it’s easier than you think. Call Smile by Design today on 1800 888 645to book your consultation.

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