How a Perfect Smile Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Life

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a smile? Having the confidence to smile widely and naturally helps people become successful in many day-to-day situations. Just think about almost any photograph of popular movie stars or television actors. For their livelihood, they rely on their talent and appearance to keep all eyes on them. News anchors, models and anyone in the public eye on a frequent basis usually invests in achieving the best possible smile. Anyone can take the steps towards having straight, white, beautiful teeth and a perfect smile, to be ready for any opportunity.

Win that job or pay rise

Whether you like it or not, it’s been proven by many studies that people with beautiful smiles have more success landing a job after their interview. Not only that, but they often also have higher salaries than people with less than perfect smiles. Although it may not seem the way it should be, subconsciously, employers and supervisors prefer someone with a wholesome smile. If you’re stuck in your career path or are looking to change jobs, investing in the health and appearance of your teeth can pay off in the long run.

The social impact of hiding your smile

Let’s say you’re not comfortable with how your teeth look. As a result, you try to avoid smiling in public and when your friends are taking photographs. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, many people subconsciously begin to think of people who don’t smile as being unhappy or unpleasant to be around. The opposite is true about people with beautiful smiles. Those who tend to smile frequently seem to have more friends. And with the spread of social media, your photos may be getting out to hundreds of people every day, making an impression on them, one way or another.

Your smile is noticed first

If you’re single and dating, you want to appear friendly and fun; that means you’ll need to feel better about your smile so you can show it off more. Or maybe you’re in a professional role that requires you to meet frequently in board meetings or to network at business functions. Sharing a smile with your peers and other professionals will help them see you as approachable and trustworthy. An exceptional smile with teeth that are white, straight and well-balanced will help you feel confident when meeting others in important situations and may even influence the outcome of your negotiations or hasten your search for a new partner.

What should you change to make your smile perfect?

Before reading this, you probably already had an idea of the aspects of your smile you want to change. For some people it’s whitening treatment; for others it’s straightening their teeth or replacing old silver fillings with tooth-coloured restorations. Each of these treatments will have the result of making you less self-conscious and more confident when smiling with other people.

Whatever you need to have done, it’s time to take a step forward to get the new smile you truly deserve – one that simply matches your true personality and helps you go further in your professional, social and personal life. Smile by Design offers a variety of personally tailored cosmetic dental options for any patient, including an easy repayment plan if required. Call us on 1800 888 645 to schedule a smile makeover consultation today or click here to book an appointment online.

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