How Does Invisalign Work?

Have you ever wished you could get a straighter smile without having to get visible braces? Invisalign might just be the perfect treatment for you, offering an almost invisible way to straighten out your teeth.
Crooked or overcrowded teeth can cause more problems for your smile than you might think. While they certainly stand in the way of a perfect grin, they can also have wide-ranging effects on oral health as well.
That’s why it’s important to seek out your cosmetic dentist to get professional advice about whether Invisalign is right for you.
This innovative treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services available today, and with good reason. Its subtle nature makes it preferable to traditional dental braces for many people and it is also more comfortable to wear in the mouth, which can be essential for sensitive patients.
What is Invisalign?
Invisalign is a treatment that uses clear aligners to gradually move your teeth into the desired position, much like traditional braces.
However, unlike dental braces, Invisalign aligners are almost invisible once fitted and as such can be preferable for many people who may want a more discreet method of fixing their teeth.
Whether your livelihood depends on a perfect smile or you’re just seeking to correct issues with your natural alignment, Invisalign can be the perfect solution.
How does it work?
The alignment trays are smooth, thin and clear so they can blend into the natural appearance of your existing teeth.
Each tray is custom made specifically for your teeth and they are designed to feel relatively comfortable while they are worn, with no sharp or rough edges that could give you cause for trouble. They are exchanged for a new one every two weeks.
Special 3D imaging software is used to predict the sequence of changes in your smile, so that each set of aligners can be made in advance and you can get an idea of the end result.
If you’re interested in these invisible braces, talk to your cosmetic dentist about the treatment.